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G20(Enhance ABS)
Raw material description section
Specification level Special material for injection moulding air blade, glass fiber reinforced  Appearance color Color
Use of the material The production of a sound recording tape cassette deck plate, instrument shell, photo gallery, camera case, sewing machine and electric tools, especially for the air conditioner to make cross rigidity and dimensional stability requirements of high flow fan, centrifugal fan vane axial fan etc..
Remark Environmental protection, glass fiber reinforced, 20% glass fiber, size stability, heat resistance
Performance item Test condition [state] Test method Test data Data unit
Physical property Mold shrinkage   GB/T 15585 - %
Mfr   GB/T 3682 6.5 g/10min
Ash (glass fiber)     20±2 %
Mechanical properties Bending elastic modulus   GB/T 9341 4.5 Gpa
Notched impact strength of cantilever beam   GB/T 1843 - J/m
Tensile strength   GB/T 1040 78.9 MPa
Bending strength   GB/T 9341 98 MPa
Charpy Notched Impact Strength   GB/T 1043 8.5 KJ/m2
Elongation at break   GB/T 1040 0.005 %
Hardness of the   GB/T 9342 M85  
Electrical properties Volume resistance   GB/T 1410 - Ω.Cm
Thermal property Hot deformation temperature   GB/T 1643 103
Flame retardant   UL94 -HB  
Other Water absorption   GB/T 1043 -0.002 %
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